Something Fun This Way Comes

by MoxyDave on 19 December 2015

MoxyLava has been working on a fun new project and it's almost ready.

SAUSAGE is coming to the App Store soon!

Get Holidazed with Lingua

by MoxyDave on 1 December 2011

In the spirit of the season, MoxyLava brings you a breath of fresh air. In a free update for all versions of Lingua, this new theme is our holiday gift to you.

Straight from Saint Nick, it's the Holidazed theme for Lingua! Enjoy holiday daydreams with hot chocolate on the couch and the crisp clean air of winter just outside the window. Get Holidazed everyone!

Get Heartily Holidazed!        Get Wholly Holidazed!

Lingua is FREE through July 4th

by MoxyDave on 23 June 2011

Hey guys, to celebrate Independence Day we are giving away Lingua for free through July 4th! Check it out and throw us a line. Love it or hate it we want to know. Enjoy!

Made in America

Lingua 2.1 has Space Madness

by MoxyDave on 14 May 2011

The latest update to Lingua brings you one of our favorite themes so far: Space Madness!


The sounds and graphics for this theme are so super sci-fi they will MELT YOUR MIND! Download Lingua now and check it out!

Lingua Free is ready

by MoxyDave on 7 May 2011

Check out Lingua Free, the Free ad-supported version of Lingua with fewer themes.

We decided to throw a couple more themes in to the mix, because MoxyLava loves you.

The full version is still only a buck and is completely ad-free, includes many more exciting themes and adds scoring to the game.

Trial version of Lingua coming soon

by MoxyDave on 12 April 2011

While we work on a couple of new titles, we've decided to build an ad-supported trial version of Lingua.

This version will come with one theme and will be completely free to play! It should be ready in a month or so. Check back soon!

Windows Phone games are in the works

by MoxyDave on 20 January 2011

MoxyLava is now a certified developer for Windows Phone and Xbox!

We've started working on some awesome new projects for Windows Phone. We love the devices and the OS is surprisingly good. We really think a lot of other folks will dig this. Xbox Live integration with Gamertag support is going to be awesome!

Windows Phone

Don't worry, we are still working on some sweet iOS projects too. Another small update to Lingua is in the works and also an entirely new Social Gaming project we will unveil soon.

Hang in there, 2011 is going to be HOT!

Lingua 2.0 is here!

by MoxyDave on 7 December 2010

We've been working hard to bring you tons of cool new stuff!

Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot 
(Click screenshot for larger version)

This free update includes lots of new content and enhancements:

  • 5 awesome new themes with great graphics and cool sounds
  • Improved graphics for Retina Display
  • All new help and tips system
  • Fancy About pages featuring our staff
  • Bug fixes and other enhancements
  • Did we mention it's FREE???

Lingua wins runner-up in iPhone Contest

by MoxyDave on 2 December 2010

Wiley Publishing has chosen Lingua as a runner-up in their recent Facebook Competition! These are the guys who make the excellent For Dummies series of books. We won a $50 iTunes gift card and a bunch of their new books on iPhone programming. Cool!

Facebook App Challenge

Congratulations to Neil Ferguson for winning the challenge. You can check out Neil on Facebook and his excellent game Virus Strike.

Lingua introductory video

by MoxyDave on 2 December 2010

Learn how to play Lingua from this quick intro video:

Lingua is a fresh & fun word puzzle game

by MoxyDave on 1 December 2010

Lingua is a fun, addictive word game with beautifully rendered 3D graphics and stunning high-quality sound. Lingua provides 10 different themes, each with distinct backgrounds, letters and unique sounds. You can change themes any time to suit your mood!

Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot  Screenshot 
(Click screenshot for larger version)

The object is to create the goal word by moving letters on the board. Words can be created in any direction. In order to move a letter there must be a clear path. You can create other words to eliminate letters from the board in order to free up space and clear a path.

Each round becomes harder as one more letter is added to the goal word, up to a maximum of 8. Challenge yourself and see how many rounds you can survive!

Lingua is educational too! You can look up any words you find. Not sure what it means? Just look it up with the built-in interface! Lingua is the fun casual game that will entertain and educate. Your progress is saved so it's perfect for when you just have a few minutes. But be warned, you might find yourself playing for hours :-)

Lingua is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Give Lingua a try and see for yourself! Download Lingua now and Get Your Game Face On!

Lingua on iPhone
Lingua on the App Store

Updated: Nov 29 2011
Current Version: 2.2
12 MB
Language: English
Rated 4+

Lingua Free

If you don't like it you get TWICE your money back!

Lingua Icon

Lingua Free on the App Store

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